A success story about our instruments

I've always considered Claisse as a major partner of the Chemistry Department of Université Laval. My students have been using a M4 fusion instrument since 2009 to prepare biological and environmental samples for ICP analysis. We also bought a hot plate digestion and a microwave on the same year, and we have soon discovered the benefits of using the fusion instrument when we compared it with the two other purchases.

In fact, only the Claisse® product allows a total dissolution of refractory samples. We have also noticed that fusion is a faster technique to prepare samples. An entire fusion cycle is completed in about 10 minutes, while it takes almost two hours to obtain solutions with the microwave and two days to obtain them with the hot plate digestion. This Claisse fusion instrument does not only help us to get results in accordance with the certified reference materials, it also perfectly suits my students' needs since it is easy to use.

I strongly recommend the instruments developed by Claisse to anyone who is looking for high productivity as well as for unequalled precision and accuracy.

Dominic Larivière, Associate Professor and Manager of the radioecology laboratory of Université Laval, Québec, Canada

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