Big Savings Start with a Simple Trade!

Discover Claisse NEW platinumware trade-in program

  1. Send us your old platinumware and a flat rate.
    This price is based on the weight of your old platinum item(s).
  2. Receive brand new Claisse® platinumware.
    Please note that any platinum item can be traded for a new Claisse item of the same weight.
  3. Benefit from our promotion!
    Send us 2 to 5 platinum items to get a 5% discount on spare parts, or 6 or more platinum items to get a 10% discount on spare parts bought on the same order. This promotion ends on December 15th, 2017.

Why should you try our new trade-in program?

  • It's simple
  • You know the real price from the start
  • No hidden costs, one flat rate. No bad surprises!
  • Reduces approval time since less money is involved

Please contact your Claisse sales representative today for more information.

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